Prevention of occupational hazards
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an Occupational Health and Safety Service accredited in all Catalonia in the preventive technical disciplines and company medicine, consisting of technical and medical professionals with extensive experience of over 20 years in the management of risk prevention and integration into organizational and business goals of companies.

That is why ERGASIA, Occupational Health and Safety Service, offers much more than strict compliance with the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks. We provide the following benefits:

  • Adjusted budgets, because we know that businesses need to optimize the costs of their suppliers. In ERGASIA we consider the following:
    • Budgets are adjusted to the risk of your company and the level of implementation of prevention made since it was started.
    • Budgets always include the cost of all activities carried out, without additional charges on the activities to be performed by a Occupational Health and Safety Service. And without additional billings for taking care of the incidents, so inprevisible, that you may suffer, such as visits or requirements of the Labour Inspectorate, accident investigation, etc.
    • In addition, we will process the grants legally available for the prevention of occupational hazards, so that the cost of prevention in your business is minimized.


As a result, we can guarantee the best value in the industry.

  • High quality and rigor, but friendly. With ERGASIA you will have the comfort of being in compliance with the regulations for the prevention of occupational hazards. But always as advisers working alongside you, providing any implementation of prevention to the characteristics of your company:
    • We adapt the operation of your business without unnecessary inconvenience to their work. For example, we conduct training where and when you decide to avoid displacements or loss of employee productivity.
    • Our technicians will pose prevention without demands which may not be an improvement for you.
    • Our medical staff performs individualized treatment. Medical examinations are not a compulsory procedure; they are given to support tranquility in the health of people.

In ERGASIA you will only find help.

  • Immediacy of service. There are times when the prevention of occupational risks is urgent, and must be done within the required time:
    • At the start of activities: from the moment you contact us, we can make your prevention plan or medical examinations in a few days. Tell us if you have any requirement or urgency, and we will move forward to it.
    • In case of accidents, inspections or any other unforeseen event, we will come immediately.

In ERGASIA we are available when the moment requires.

  • Global management of services. We will assign a reference technician that will have direct and permanent contact with you, which is responsible for the realization on schedule of the technical actions to prevent occupational risks agreed with you. We will fully manage Occupational Health to facilitate the scheduling of medical examinations. In addition, we will offer advice on other areas such as Fire Safety / Firefighting, the acquisition of personal protective equipment, Radiation Protection, etc.

From ERGASIA we want to be a comprehensive support for your company.


Servicio de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales

Accredited by the
Labour Department of the Generalitat
Accreditation no. SP-113-B
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