Last November 8th was the 25th anniversary of the publication of Law 31/1995 on the Prevention of Occupational Risks. The effect of its application on the decrease of labor accidents has been partially demonstrated, as several studies indicate, where there is a clear reduction in the occurrence of accidents with sick leave until approximately 2012, followed by a complicated period of labor precariousness that coincided with an increase in the accident rate.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that the work to be done is still a lot, it is essential to continue working to definitively integrate ORP in all the activities developed by the company, and to stop perceiving it as a mere legal formalism that must be taken into account to avoid sanctions.

From the External Prevention Services, we must continue with the arduous task of convincing companies of the importance of guaranteeing the safety of their workers. In addition, it is undeniable the emergence of new production processes, new work tools and even new professional profiles that require legal responses. Without going any further, the current complex situation, due to the pandemic we are suffering, incorporates new aspects to be taken into account (teleworking and others) and that make us be more attentive than ever.

From ERGASIA we want to take advantage of this historical milestone to thank all our customers and friends for their loyalty. For our part, we are committed to continue working with enthusiasm, putting our best effort in the day to day to achieve safe working environments.