Ergasia Seguretat is an SME, so we have very clear what kind of services you need.

Preferential treatment: If you are the owner, manager or person in charge of an SME, you are fully dedicated to serving customers and your staff does not have spare time, you need your suppliers to help you manage everything annex to your business, saving you time and worry. Your company is the most important in the world, even though it doesn’t have hundreds of workers, right? In Ergasia we have it very clear: You deserve and will get the best deal.

To do this, we offer the following service:

  • Budget and agile hiring: You should only provide your activity, the number of employees in your company, and location of own premises, and our staff will provide a proposal for service, and you deal with the possibility of applying for grants.
  • Integral service: The contract will include everything legally necessary, therefore predictable, such as the attention of any incident. No surprises or small print.
  • We conduct annual, renewable contract. We do not impose or longer terms or tacit renewal notice with broad term.
  • The procedures can be performed entirely by mail.
After signing the contract, you will be assigned to a technician who will immediately reach out for visit, in order to initiate and organize preventive activities to be performed.


Send us your details and we will contact you.