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The prevention service is complex. Not only you need to have coverage, but you also must perform a series of activities that fully meet your responsibilities without generating unnecessary costs or inconvenience.
occupational risks company barcelona
occupational risks company barcelona


We carry out all necessary preventive activities in your company. From the same contract, no fine print exclusions of service that only serve to cover the service of accident prevention or inspection. You have decided to cover all your responsibilities in the prevention of occupational risks, and we will.

Adjusted prices

Prices adjusted to service you need

  • No surprises. No fine print in the contract, no hidden additional billings, without a time limit in our dedication. In short, nothing that involves you paying more to comply with legislation.
  • We process subsidies available at your fingertips

Accessible and close to you.

  • Uninterrupted hours with morning and evening care. In our office there are always prevention technicians on duty, who can handle any emergency situation in case your assigned technician is not available at that time.
  • You will always be attended by your assigned technician, by mail or phone, a technician or risk prevention specialist in our offices, or directly Ergasia’s manager, if you wish. We answer your questions immediately, from person to person, no waiting, no intermediaries or consultations to "higher authorities". No customer service department.


In Health and Safety there are, in many cases, situations that require urgent attention. From the very beginning of activities, upon signing the contract, we perform preventive actions immediately so that your company complies with the legal obligations from the start. Or when there are issues (labor inspectorate, accidents, maternity leave, requests of documentation from contractors or customers), we solve it immediately and within deadlines so you do not need to have problems with Health and Safety inspectors.


The compliance should not carry potential unnecessary inconvenience. We adapt to your schedule. For example, you can make the training venue, date and time you want, and so in other activities. You have a technician assigned to which you can access by phone or mail at any time. And that technician will have direct knowledge of you and your company, so it will be him who will be telling you when to do the activities, warn about the possible renewal of the contract, notify you of regulatory changes, etc., ie, with Ergasia you can stop worrying the terms in which to do performances.

Resolution of legal problems

Health and Safety is immersed in labor law, and therefore is often linked to other labor disputes. We always consider this interaction, and will also advise on labor issues that may influence the prevention of risks.