Prevention Act establishes very different obligations for companies or self-employed with contracted workers (employee) and for self-employed without employees (Corporations without hired workers can be included here).

Preventive activities required to the self-employed

A self-employed just needs to have made some preventive activities if he were to work hired by another company (the company is required to comply with art. 24 of the Law on Prevention, coordination of business activities, and therefore must ask for certain documentation about prevention for any subcontracted self-employed).

These activities are:

  • Training Course on risk prevention activity (important: the law does not define in any case a certain duration of the courses).
  • Risk assessment (report where accident risks are identified and safety measures to be adopted to prevent such accidents) of their work.

These are specific activities are performed once, and do not expire)

Other preventive activities

The contractor may voluntarily add preventive requirements in the trade contract with the self. More requirements are usually required:

  • Conducting medical examination of Occupational Health and Fitness report.
  • Making prevention courses with a set amount of time or which include certain content (courses lasting 8 hours, or that meet the Construction Agreement, etc.).
  • Provide Prevention Service contract (current contract for 1 year, renewable).

A self-employed person is not required by law to perform these activities, but if you demand it, we will budget it.

We set budgets in a modular way, so that if you are forced to have any of these additional services, you will always benefit from what you previously did and paid with Ergasia.


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