Prevention Act provides for specific obligations regarding health and safety for the construction sector.

From Ergasia we perform risk prevention contemplating all these obligations:

  • Coverage and Prevention Service Company (1st requirement for the REA, Register of Accredited Companies). Within this coverage, the prevention manual of the company is performed: Plan for Prevention, Risk Assessment of their work activities, EPI delivery documentation, information workers, according to art. 19 of the Law on Prevention, Emergency Measures, accident investigation, preparation of the documentation about Coordination with Contractors / Subcontractors.
  • Coverage of Risk Prevention for each work:
    • Preparation of the necessary documentation according to figure that covers your business in the work: Promoter, Prime Contractor, contractor, subcontractor, Autonomous outsourced.
    • In this section, we can make the preparation of the formal documentation of the work (Alta workplace, guestbook / Subcontracting Plan of Work Safety, Security Coordination).
    • And all this under a budget tight to the construction.
  • We do with our own means all courses for workers Convention. We perform periodic calls for courses (1 or 2 monthly calls), so that your workers can perform agile training.
  • We conduct managers training (Subcontracting Law in the construction sector), with an exclusive schedule for you, in order to facilitate your work as an entrepreneur, and so you can meet legal obligations.

In contract fee we include the realization and care of specific activities and not predictable, such as inspections or renewal of the REA high incidences (even advise you on how to obtain or renew his free digital signature necessary for the REA), etc.


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