ERGASIA has become one of the SPA's of reference for transnational companies that settle in a stable manner in our country as well as for those who are temporarily carrying out a specific project, looking for a reliable partner in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention.

In recent years, the percentage of non-local companies with which we work has been increasing considerably, often as a result of word of mouth and several of the hand of agreements with specialized management companies that help in the establishment of foreign companies in our territory.

From a large Italian construction materials manufacturing company that acquires a local plant, to an American multinational textile e-commerce company that opens its first logistics warehouse in Barcelona, to an Australian label manufacturing company that starts its production process in Spain, to the world's leading catering company that temporarily performs its activities in a Formula I Grand Prix or a Czech company that installed its furniture in an emblematic store of a well-known sports brand, etc..., there are many companies that rely on us when they land in our territory.

It is not only a matter of understanding and being understood in the common language. ERGASIA's team has extensive international experience in the development of their varied professional profiles, which allows us to connect from the first conversation with our interlocutor, wherever he/she is from, and to transmit the necessary confidence to become their local allies in the field of ORP. We carry out a wide range of activities, for example:

  • audits of corporate standards and comparison of their requirements with local standards
  • support of technological transfer of machinery, procedures, personnel, etc...
  • Strict compliance with the requirements of Law 31/1995 for companies once they are established in our country.
As a result, we have decided to make an important update of our communication platform COM&SIGN (, launching an English version, currently under development, which will be ready in the coming weeks, and that will also allow us to increase the possibilities of collaboration with this type of companies.