We solve the risk prevention requirements that, due to volume and time pressure, companies that provide services in large events require

The organization of large events always involves the hiring of companies specialized in the various services to be performed during the event. A sporting event not only involves athletes, but also many workers will be needed for catering services, escorts and hostesses, cleaning, security, etc., hired temporarily just for the event. This implies that occupational risk prevention activities must be carried out for many workers (sometimes hundreds), in a very short period of time (sometimes in just one or two days).

At ERGASIA we have specialized in providing services for this type of situation, having collaborated in recent times with many local and foreign companies in carrying out these activities (ATP Tennis, Montmeló Grand Prix, Golf Open, MWC Congress, etc.).

Supported by our COM&SIGN platform, our clients have been able to provide training and manage the necessary preventive documents (information sheet, offer of medical examination, emergency instructions, etc.) that will be required to comply with the Prevention Law, and with the CAE that the promoter of the event (if you are a contractor) may ask for. You can even add instructions or any other non-preventive document that your workers should know, and that you can easily deliver through our platform.

All this with immediate control of the situation of each of the workers: you will see online if each worker has accessed their activities, if they have completed them, if there are any pending activities... Moreover, with the possibility of doing it in several languages and in a short period of time.

Trust ERGASIA to provide you with the necessary technical and legal peace of mind and worry only about your event.


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