Continuing with the recommendations of films whose plot revolves around the Prevention of Occupational Risks, we higly recommend you new titles that you cannot stop watching:

  • Labor Syndrome, is a 2004 film, starring Carmelo Gómez, which revolves around health problems related to the textile airbrushing sector between 1989 and 1992, the year in which six workers employed in small companies with deficient deaths health conditions in the Valencian Community. After ten years of complicated investigation, the owners of the workshops have to answer to justice for these deaths and the lung diseases suffered by 67 other employees.
  • La Plaza de la Música, is a documentary filmed in 2010 by the Gipuzkoan film director Juan Miguel Gutiérrez about the effects and damages of asbestos, after discovering by chance that his mother died as a victim of inhaling asbestos dust. The factory that produced it was located a short distance from his birth house. The discovery led him to make a trip from his home to the beaches of India where today the ships that no European wants to cut up for fear of the asbestos it contains are scrapped.
  • Los 33 is a Chilean film starring Antoni Banderas that narrates the events that occurred on August 5, 2010, after the collapse of the San José mine, in northern Chile, which kept 33 miners locked up for 69 days. A portrait of the survival of the human being in extreme situations where poise, intelligence and loyalty were key for this group of 33 men to get ahead. According to the reports that were carried out, the main cause was the collapse of one of the waste collection areas, which lacked support meshes, as reported by the investigators, despite the continuous complaints from the workers. The mine had registered more than 80 accidents and was already closed in 2007.