Occupational risks disciplines

Technical disciplines

  • Prevention Plan, in which the preventive organization of the company is reflected
    • Risk assessment (general of the company, job, and specific evaluations of machines, chemical or physical contaminants such as noise, temperature, etc., ergonomic evaluations, psychosocial assessments).
  • Planning of preventive actions, which will detail the dates of completion of all planned activities, as well as registering those already made.
  • Training of workers
  • Emergency Measures (Emergency Plan), and training in firefighting and first aid.
  • Procedures for action in case of accident (including the accident investigation)
  • Procedures for coordinating business activities, when you subcontract to another company, or when your company is the subcontracted.
  • Process safety management for new staff (Manual Reception, where applicable).

Our work includes:

  • Gathering all necessary documentation
  • We explain personally the contents of this documentation, especially the part of the content that is relevant for your company.
  • We monitor all activities, warning in advance of any event to be performed (planned in your company, new regulations, or the annual renewal of the contract obligations).
  • We solve immediately any incident that happens in the business: inspections, accidents, etc.


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