medicine at work

Ergasia Seguretat, S.L. provides occupational health services with its own medical and nursing staff, enabling your company to achieve all applicable external prevention service Health and Safety objectives, such as:

  • Real Adapting health screening protocols to the individual characteristics of your company and their jobs, through permanent coordination with the technical prevention have you. I assigned.
  • Scheduling medical examinations at times and dates to your satisfaction.
  • Conduct of medical examinations with personalized attention, making the necessary to ensure the good health of every person at their workplace.
  • Care and management along with you in any case in which the state of health of a worker requires it.
  • Care consultations resulting from work (allergies, etc.).
  • Making relevant reports to the Company:
    • Planning of the Preventive Medical Activities
    • Report of “Protocols at the workplace” after studying risk assessment
    • Reports for assessing the fitness of workers.
    • Annual report, assessing the progress of the prevention plan and proposing improvements to the new annual plan.


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