In the latest update carried out by ERGASIA's IT services, a new possibility has been incorporated so that the managers of each of our clients can control at a glance whether all the preventive activity is being carried out. The tool can be used to check whether all the company's own workers have carried out all the necessary preventive activities (delivery of Epi's, medical certificate, information sheet, training diploma, etc.), or whether the subcontracted companies have provided all the documentation requested by CAE.

In this way, in a simple way, the preventive situation of each worker can be visualized through a colour code (Green, Red, Yellow). If the color is green, the company manager can be sure that the worker has carried out all preventive activities. If it is red, the worker or subcontracted company does not have any of the necessary preventive activities (therefore, it is an immediate warning of possible sanction). This tool also allows the inclusion of an expiration date for each document/activity, and the traffic light will turn yellow when the expiration date is approaching (the notice period can be configured).

From the same summary, the company manager can access any of the workers or companies individually, displaying the list of activities, and therefore immediately see which activity has not been performed by that worker (or which activity is about to expire).

This capability can also be implemented within the Business Activity Coordination (CAE) functionality, so that the documentary status of the information provided by each company can be known globally.

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