There are many preventive measures that depend on the worker to comply with the instructions given. Protections can not be placed anywhere, and therefore, there will always be aspects in which the worker must act correctly to guarantee their safety.

For this reason, from the prevention service all the possible actions are carried out to improve the response of the workers to the safety instructions.

The fulfillment of instructions on the part of people occurs basically by two mechanisms:

  • Automatic response
  • Conscious response

Traditionally, Work safety has invested a lot of effort to improve the conscious response. Many theoretical and practical courses are done to improve the aptitude (knowledge), and motivation campaigns, to improve the attitude. But this path has obvious limits: it is difficult to avoid distractions, and it is difficult to achieve a totally positive attitude towards safety, especially when it is in conflict with the productivity of the work.

Instead, the automatic response is infallible. If the answer is not necessary to think it, it will not produce errors. When a person places the safety belt on the car in an automated way, without even knowing it does, it will never happen that it is forgotten, or that it does not get it because it thinks it is not necessary for the short journey he will do, etc. When the answer is a habit, it will always work.

Automatic response is achieved by repeating the action a sufficient number of times. And to get a person to repeat an action, the best method is to do it by playing. That is why we have created in Ergasia a series of games for this purpose.

And we have created them in the "fashionable" format: in APP format, taking advantage of touch screens. They are not "question-answer" games, they are active games, in which the player must place images in the right place, at the right speed, to earn points and not lose "lives." They can be played from any platform: mobile, tablet or PC.

We have introduced these games in our online courses, as part of the course, to make the courses more fun, and to achieve habits that are favorable to security.

We invite you to play with us!!