The industrial sector, in which ERGASIA is particularly involved, is normally familiar with the concept of Explosive Atmosphere (ATEX), and with the special characteristics that the presence of this particular risk entails in a company's activity. However, in other sectors, it is very common for this risk, which is less intuitive and more technological, to be clearly neglected. At ERGASIA we place special emphasis on the identification of possible explosive atmospheres at our clients' facilities, drawing up, where appropriate, the mandatory Document of Protection Against Explosions (DOPEX), as required by Royal Decree 681/2003, of 12th June (BOE no. 145, of 18th June) on the protection of the health and safety of workers exposed to risks arising from the formation of explosive atmospheres in the workplace. The profile of ERGASIA's technicians allows us to approach these studies with guarantee and solvency.

In addition, from this month of December, we are starting a training campaign so that all our clients know in a particular way this type of risk and how to handle it within their facilities. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.